Simplicity is key for a perfectly chic outfit. What’s even more important is being efficient when you’re on a budget.

This Easter I was gifted by my in-laws with a stunning navy and white floral-print Ivanka Trump dress. I wouldn’t normally choose a dress in navy because I find it too mature for me (I’m only thirty); but because I absolutely loved the floral print and the ruffle detail, I knew I could make it work and make it fun with the right pair of sandals and the right clutch.

Whenever I need a bit of inspiration, I normally get ideas for the style and colour of shoes, bag, and accessories from the online pictures of the model or from the mannequin on display at the store. In this case I didn’t like what I saw: very simple and basic nude beige sandals =S. That was a major bummer because that would not have made the dress look younger and there was nothing creative about the colour choice nor the style. The shoes were going to make or break this outfit. So I tapped into my inner stylist and narrowed down the choices to powder blue, which is totally in this season, and blush pink, also very in.

Now because I’m a queen procrastinator, I naturally left it till the last-minute and had to do my homework very fast online. This saved me the hours I would have spent at the mall, zipping in and out of the stores till I found the right shoes. When it’s crunch time and you’re looking for something very specific, it’s better to avoid this frustrating and exhausting process and use this awesome thing called technology. Thankfully, after doing my homework online, I found what I was looking for at Call it Spring: Veriri for $59.99 in powder blue. When you’re blessed with large feet such as myself though, you don’t always find your size available in stores, which can sometimes complicate things when you’re tight on time. So I bought them off their website after getting 15% off the price for creating an account online, and had them shipped to the closest store, which saved me from paying the shipping fee – had they been delivered to my home. These things count when you’re on a budget, so always keep that in mind.

The combination of the colour, straps and block heels made the sandals a must have for my Easter dress. What made this purchase even sweeter and a very wise decision was that I could see myself wearing it with many outfits already in my closet. I give this purchase an A+ for style, comfort, efficiency and price.

The choice of clutch was also an easy buy from the same store, simply because it was the exact same colour as the sandals and was relatively affordable. Calvello in powder blue was for $34.99. Thankfully though, the savvy shopper in me had agreed to do their online survey after buying the sandals and got another 15% discount that I was able to use towards the clutch. I give this purchase an A. I was hoping I’d find something of the same colour but without the golden handle, because the little metal in the dress belt was silver, but that’s being way too picky. Also, it’s not very spacious; I could barely fit my phone, lipstick and little mirror, let alone my husband’s keys and wallet – because he’s spoiled like that. Then again, I didn’t care too much about that because I always have my main purse with my must-haves in the trunk of my car, and my husband has pockets in his pants.

After all the shopping adventures and being on edge until my sandals and clutch were purchased and brought back home with me, I had to think of the next challenge: the accessories. That was easy though because I knew I wanted to wear pearls and I had many options in my jewelry box – thanks to my auntie who spoils me rotten with jewelry from her store (You can check out her collection and custom work on her Facebook page at

Enough yapping; here’s the final product 😉 Got to thank hubby for taking the picture for me =)


This Easter weekend had two major events for me: Easter mass on Saturday night, and on Sunday an Easter party with family and friends. As our Coptic Orthodox community is a close one, we tend to see the same people on occasions such as these; so I couldn’t wear my Ivanka Trump dress twice. Thankfully, I still had stunning dresses that still fit me which I bought two years ago for my honeymoon; and most people hadn’t seen me in them yet. Knowing that I really wanted to wear my new sandals and clutch, I found the perfect tribal-print high-low halter dress that I had bought from Le Château – a store only here in Canada and one of my favourites because of their quality products. The colour combination of the print on this dress and the little hints of blue in it went perfectly with my new purchases.

Although it was a beautiful day outside, Canadian weather is never the same from one hour to the next, so I had to pair my outfit with the right jacket that could keep me warm in case I needed it. After 20 years of living in Canada, this desert bunny never became a snow bunny; and I’ve learned not to mess with the Toronto  cold. My jacket of choice was a silver-beige leather jacket from Danier (also a Canadian brand) with a fur trim at the bottom of the sleeves and around the lapel. The colour totally complimented the beige in the dress and the fur gave the entire outfit an edge. At the end of the day, it totally came in handy because as I was leaving the party, it had just started pouring rain outside and the temperature dropped from 21 degrees Celsius to 10 (*rolling my eyes*).

Finally the jewelry was also an easy decision, thanks to my aunt once again =) The matching ring and drop earrings had crystals with ombré colour tones that matched the dress. I also had a couple of multicoloured beaded bracelets that also matched the dress. (*Sighs*) I just love it when it’s so effortless to put a rocking outfit together! Et voilà!


Stay tuned for more advice and more outfits to come. It’s going to be one busy Spring/Summer season for me, with many social events to attend. Next up: a bridal shower.

Later beauties!