For someone like me, it’s almost like a chore. It’s not as easy as opening my closet and finding exactly the outfit I will wear. Sometimes it’s a matter of planning ahead of time. Sometimes it could take me days to plan for that one outfit. It’s usually for an event I’m attending, a wedding, a date night with my hubby, etc. Even for my every day life, I could go through at least a couple of outfits before I decide: “Ok, I look decent enough.”

When I think of how much time I spend on choosing an outfit and the things I could have accomplished during that time instead of obsessing over my looks, I have to say, it’s quite aggravating. But God created me that way, and for a reason. I’m still not sure why, but I’m on a road of self-discovery. One day I’ll know. But for now, I will obsess, think, and plan.

All I know is the feeling I get when I put an outfit together that makes me walk down the street with confidence. It’s empowering, it’s self-fulfilling, it’s edifying. Some women attain these feelings, from relationships, careers, education, travel, family, etc. For me, it’s fashion. When I plan for an outfit and it turns out on me exactly as I had imagined it, it makes me feel unstoppable. I could feel it immediately in my mood, my posture, my tone of voice; even my clients regard me with more respect.

This is such a first world problem: choosing an outfit. Many people around the world can’t even clothe themselves in any way. They can’t even find a morsel of bread for the day. Yet here I am, speaking of the feeling I get when I’m all dolled up. So what?

My dream is to one day turn this shallow world of fashion, into a philanthropic movement. Go ahead and make your millions, Fashion! But do remember the sick and the poor.

Fashion is a beautiful thing. But what’s outer beauty without a beautiful soul?